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16 February 2016 @ 15:42
New Home  

Hello all I am back with internet access! :D
It has been nearly 1 month since moved into the new house.
First 2 weeks living room was a building site now its moved into the 'art room' and main bedroom. 2 weeks without a fridge&freezer is terrible btw. Internet was installed last Thursday but my computer wasnot connected until Friday by then I had gone home for a weekend visit to Mum.

Mostly to enjoy the luxuries I am used to be donot currently have a washing machine, tumble dryer and electric shower!! Even dishwasher, toaster and mircowave was a cause for happiness!

As i said before the house needs quite a bit of work and decorating, scratch that to ALOT as uncovering more things as we go on. We have windows that donot open as the double grazed lock mechanism is broken so shower/baths turn the bathroom into a Sauna and kitchen window.
Other windows are dodgy and was not on the surveyors report.

Chris is currently making me more kitchen cupboards as we have no space in our tiny kitchen. The living room has been decorated with new door frame and skirting boards, just still no door so still cold ¬_¬
Our main bedroom (as we have moved into 'spare/dan's' room) is currently underway stripped the wall half wallpapered and I measured for skirting boards this morning. We have had to put anti mould down as looks like the windows where not sealed correctly so the room is strangely and worryingly damp despite passing the inspection :S We are still planning on building the bed with inbuilt wardrobes as the room is smaller than we remembered.

My settling in is based on Satu. Who was not happy during the first week of building. Last week she was getting on very well until I went away fro the weekend and Chris' brother came over with the kids to stay.
She hid until the boys where asleep then went to glare at them and Dan. Sunday morning she had somehow found her pet carrier and climbed in it as a 'Right I am done take me to mum'. Satu has cheered up when I arrived back Sunday evening and keeps coming to check I am still here.
This morning carried her around the garden to introduce her to it as she has two more weeks of confinement. Trembling with fear :( I feel like such a bad furbaby parent.
Her brother Logan when I returned to mum had just come in from a fight with three bad bite wounds on his head and ear; naturally all Friday night he lay next to me with "I have a headache" kinda deal.

Lots of other things to say like Job Hunting (transfer didnot happen ;_; ) neighbours, Chris' family, my plans of gardening, Viking group and my interior design plans ;D

So I'll be back to rant ;p
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