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06 January 2016 @ 20:09
Secret Creativity  
Done a touch more packing, Chris has told me not too as he has signed no paperwork so the house is not finalised so could collapse at any moment but as he cashed the deposit in today I personally think we are to far in for it to all break down.
Plus he is currently 'homeless' all his stuff is in boxes and taking turns to sleep on sofas with his brother at their Dad's whilst waiting for the house.

I am packing as heh my anxiety urges me that I need to be prepared and ready to go, plus boxing up bits in sections is making the task less intimidating and the thought of moving far away from my known life less scary.
So far half my shoes,cds,dvds, art supplies and majority of my clothes. All my kitchen stuff. Books I still need suitable boxes for and then all my miscellaneous junk collections/bath-beauty/health things etc.
Last things for the day will also be kitty stuff and computer. Poor Satu her world is going to be turned upside down as well - but if she does not settle she gets to come back here.

Trying to curb the anxiety from destructive trich I am back to keeping my mind occupied by my latests internet addictions. An online SIM style game, Etsy and Pintrest.
I will have to do a window shop post from Etsy as that is mostly what I do as well as having my own little play at making Treasury lists (did a major cut yesterday only have 3 active public ones left)

I like having a creative play even if it is for my eyes only type things. One of them for a short while has been mood / inspiration boards.
This all started when I was kicked out the stockroom in the clothes shop from the last manager and given the shittest job and treatment in a way to force me to quit. So by the front of the shop basically as a greeter. The clothes company I work for we always have new packages of clothing themes and styles approve 1 a month, we aim for "interesting".
At the time a collection/package called "Tea Ceremony" had just been released meant to be based on the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in the 1920s. Garish Pinks, Avocado Greens, Sky Blues and Deep Purple oh it was horrible choice for something based on a 'refined and graceful ritualised ceremony".

I said to my colleagues I could do a better job at designing some of these collections esp making a better theme and colour choices for Tea Ceremony like muted Matcha Green, Cherry Blossom Pink and faded straw colour like Tatami mat.
I went home and created a mood board showed it to two of the women who both said that it was really good and I should do more, so at least having some creative ideas was better at passing the time staring out onto rainy streets through our open door way. I get easily bored at work is not doing something.

I have 6 running ideas, with 2 mentally working out (One I came up with last week). These mood/inspiration boards are just basically my own musings for my sake. Though it cropped up in conversation with Chris looking at my work so far.
He said they are better than the things his company gets sent on a professional level and that there is a company in Chester who does training in this kind of thing so maybe I could try out?

Well with the new idea I had last week as a theme,
Winter Lagoon Working title inspiration is from Iceland's Blue Lagoon/Landmannalaugar Mountains/Lopapeysa Knitwear Greenland's Ilulissat and National Costume.

Other themes I have are inspired from the Flora and Lilac-Breasted Rollers of South Africa + Autumn Tuscany Farm Kitchen + Modern Maiko inspired quick snaps of real Maikos on their mobile phones + Christmas/Winter in New York Though I have only been in February and Apirl not experienced myself other than tv shows but my college went there before xmas this year and confirmed my ideas of inspiration *woot*
Would love to do something with New Orleans ^_^

I think I could make a mini portfolio if I have to be interviewed and show ideas for an interview to train?
Be it I wear majority all plain black; others say I am Goth (traditional/basic?) I do what is comfortable, I doubt the first impression I make is someone who can be creative or have workable ideas :S
I know I am a fool with day dreams and silly thoughts.
Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: Roses are Burning - The Jade
† Bad Luck Betty †hainted on 7th January 2016 02:58 (UTC)
You are definitely not a fool for your daydreaming or your efforts, and I say go for it!
It would be amazing to get your work noticed on a professional level! :D
yammyqueen: BareBonesyammyqueen on 9th January 2016 23:13 (UTC)
thank you I think I more just like mucking around with ideas
alot of things is I have no confidence in myself and abilities so even to get a compliment is nice :)