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29 December 2015 @ 21:01
only a winter's tale Christmas 2015  
Happy Belated Christmas too all!
Walked out of work today saying see them next year (as not back at work till Friday) seems weird to say that already!
It is official my last days are coming we have had a notice up talking applications for my job (well 2 so far) though think they said they are cutting my hours up for two people. Transfer is still up in the air though my deadline is February for them to get back to me, Chester store is planning a contract reshuffle and a lady on maternity leave who may not come back. Fingers crossed or another worry to find a whole new job too!

Reason for lateness was Chris came over :D
Total surprise as he told me he would be down this week so was expecting just mum and me for Christmas, he crept into the sweet shop whilst I was running it so eee :D

Logan did this himself, emptied his toy box and pushed it under the tree. A good boy he just sleeps under the tree than destroying it

Our family thing - a card with The Queen on top of the Tv on so we remember our place ;D
"Merry Christmas Peasants!"
Had my fav xmas film on the Muppet's Christmas carol <3

Christmas dinner was not served until 3pm D: soo hungry!
Plus we donot open present until after dinner which is torture when you are a child lol

Finally food!!
Individual Beef Wellington with Rainbow carrots, Roasted Potatoes, Parsnips, Peas and Hazelnut with Chestnut stuffing (shop brought oh it was bad should of done home made better!)

Start was Prawn Cocktail Salad with Dim Sum. Pudding Cherry Ombre Moose with choclate domes in front of the tv to watch Brave on BBC1.

I am Spoilt loot!!
Hand mixer and faux fur throw for new house.
Lots of Parma Violet sweeties, Box of Rose and Violet Creams. A Moomin calender. Lush Lingonberry Soap
TV Series DVDs; the Addams Family Season3. Complete Cheers and Frazier - I love Frazier never seen Cheers kinda think Chris brought me these as an excuse for him really ;p
The Faux Leather Corset trousers I have coveted for 4 years oh my bum is shiny in it! TLK jumper-top. Lapis Stone Necklace and a Labyrinth theme necklace.
Fiction book by Sandy Toksvig seems interesting?
Two sets of Nightwear and slippers from Mum and soon to be mother in law; Chris doesnot want me wearing the nightie his mum brought as it makes him think of what she wears herself lmao Bootie slippers are from my workplace og they are so springy!
Teddy Bear from my new nephews Tristan and Archer.
£20 from Chris' Dad so brought new work shoes and socks with bats on both in sale from Top Shop. £50 from Dad which I may buy a new DVD player as mine is old and knackered for the new house and a "Carpe Noctem" Hoodie.

More to come as not seen Nick or Mel yet!!
Well I think a CD is coming (Icon and the Black Roses second album)

My Chris asleep in the evening in his looneytoon socks mum brought him, hugging the nightgown his mum brought him (we match now!) and in his american union suit he asked me for (yes with bum flap he is delighted!!)

This time of year is a weird limbo where all schedules are still out of whack and trying to remember what to wish Merry Christmas or Happy New Year.
Our sales have started at work and OMG people you are all vultures D: And half the kids that come in are brats esp 3 today which ended up in them screaming and tears as they hit each other - Good you little shits made a mess of our free hot drinks (sugar and coffee everywhere and used up all the cups!) and tried to draw over our playhouse.
Another kid insisted to try and ride her scooter around a packed shop full of people as well as elderly - thank you that her mother had sense to stop her most do not! They are a safety hazard esp to some of our customers need walking aids. Let alone me on bad fall and my hip will say good bye to the socket (kid tried to push me over on purpose for fun and their father laughed!! Bad parenting = bad child. Oh dad got a told his son's behaviour is not acceptable)

De-stress I am not back at work till Friday so dont have to put up with retards trying to return goods and ill-behaved children.

Because I am sad and some people may already know this, I am a HUGE fan of The Lion King since it was released in 1994. I even have a tattoo and a huge collection of merchandise (seriously this is how I am won over lol)
In my bullied and ostracised years I found a TLK RP board and joined in 1999, connected to that board was a fan art site which I joined in 2000. So of my own personal achievement I have been an active member there for 15 years! :O

Not the Disney style just mine you can see its evolution for 16 years. Just the Lines.

2000 vs 2015

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backyard_birderbackyard_birder on 30th December 2015 01:13 (UTC)
Your Christmas table setting looked lovely and the meal sounded delicious!

I love Sandy Toksvig on The News Quiz, I listed to that sometimes from BBC Friday Night Comedy podcast.

Nice lion king art! I haven't drawn in a long time but I used to like sketching as a teenager, I remember I had this nice big "learn how to draw" book of Aladdin characters.
yammyqueen: Sunako_Bookyammyqueen on 4th January 2016 19:32 (UTC)
Thank you Christmas seems to be the one with we go mad with decorations (inside and 'tasteful'). I did not take a photo of the lights but we also weave around the brackets holly,ivy and mistletoe :)

She will be taking over Qi will be interesting :)

Thank you I find being able to do some drawing is a nice relax and stress beater ^^