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18 December 2015 @ 22:26
Nightwish are playing at Wembley Arena tomorrow and I never miss an England tour-show by them but I do this one ._.'
I know they are very happy as they are the first band from their country having the honour to play there but I had my crappy reasons for not going 1. Tickets bloody expensive to see dots on a stage. 2. Arch Enemy as the middle support band i thought was an odd 3. London at this time of year is expensive 4. I cant get time off work.
5. I should not be so selfish I got to see them in Tampere with much better support bands and closer than I would at Wembley :D

If we could some how get a version of Floor singing this minus the crowd would be ace as so far this is one of our "First Dance" Song choices :3
As he waited the whole of the Tampere gig to propose to me during this song and it was never played lmao!

Tomorrow I am working in the sweet shop as been ages since I last work there I think I am forgotten D: Also I have my work's Christmas party where I have a deposit to get back ;P (seriously I am broke now!)

Chris is not here this weekend as tonight he is having his work's Christmas Do last text was confirming he was drunk not heard from him since so hopefully he wont be in to bad of shape as he is meant to be moving out of his rental house tomorrow :P

15th January Chris is meant to be getting the keys to our house :3
Scary times the big move is coming up 7 boxes packed and a million more to go...
I have found some DVDs I have not watched as they are still in their shrink wrap, other bits I should try and ebay as think charity shop could not handle some of my metal/goth/alternative/whateveritis cds and clothes lol Limited Edition Anime figures I need to sell as heh I won them from SFX magazine years ago not thinking I would actually win and they sit there gathering dust (and mum broke one's sunglasses ><)
4 bags already go to charity so not like I am trying to hoard but I worry I seem to have so much shit.
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05 December 2015 @ 22:22
Oh yes it's December and that means Christmas is coming and normally sane people become crazy and rude. Working in retail with an events 20% off day proves this. At least this time no one sneezed in my face!
Instead one of our two tills decides to kill itself and cant be fixed for three days - cheers retail support! Pissed of customers forced to queue even though we offer free drinks (juice,wine,coffee and tea), biscuits, minced pies and chocolates. Throwing all your items on the floor and screaming madam will not make us serve you first.

"This wool scarf is not the correct wool and too thick"
"These jeans are not demin enough"
"I want this bag but it's not the correct brown"

Are not even the excuses for returns but people trying to buy items, unsure what they expect me to do magic things out of thin air? lol
We event have people asking me for items that we do not stock yet they are certain I am lying as they saw it only the other day. Sometimes they ask for items we stocked back in the summer or even last year!

Retail staff can get a lot of flack sometimes if an item runs out or the right size is not able to order. I can sympathise but my niggle is Body Shop.
Now I didn't pull a wobbly I said thank you and left but wow their product buyers really underestimated buying items once again. Last year was the Glazed Apple Sparkler Spray this year seems to be Frosted Plum Shimmer Mist nation wide out of stock (told by two shops) and that was only thursday - 3 days into December and an entire item is gone unless I would like to buy a gift box set.
So I am now going to have to think of something else for Mum as she asked for it (should of got it when she did).

Christmas shopping I think I have almost got it done and sorted.

Thursday was Chris' birthday so he kinda got spoilt by all the presents :) Hopefully he will like his Christmas ones just as much.
Still waiting for the holiday rota whcih i guess the delay is because they are scared of peoples reactions. I have offered to do Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and Day as long as I can have Boxing Day off and the 27th,
I worked Boxing Day last year (and I was sarcastic to all the customers returning stuff, how to be ungrateful not even 24 hours has passed!). I hate that Boxing Day is not given the status it used to have as an extra holiday and would love to start up a boycout campagin but the American chains start their sales now on that day instead of after new year D:
20 November 2015 @ 23:17
I was looking for some good examples of the video walls behind Nightwish at the Tampere gig I attended in July.
Instead I found myself caught on someone film! ... well I mean a small figure of me.

Between the tripod legs of the camera man (left) behind the guy in bright blue is me, sitting on a fence. Yes everyone around me was bloody tall!
Chris is directly infront of me mainly as the guy infront of me had no idea of personal space >_<

This was before he actually stood on me though his heels in-between my legs with about 3 feet free in front of him there was space for this to be uncalled for!

And just for amusement sake's - this was when troy first came on stage. Just a voice 'Hello dearies'

Still actually yet to see the photos Chris and I took on his camera from the trip! All mine I have are crappy moblie phone.....

BTW I am still full of flu. Drugs hospital with smily faces on (not kidding) are brilliant 8D
And this is the first friday in like forever there is no Chris with me ;_;
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17 November 2015 @ 22:29
As I mentioned earlier in a post, I have had a night throbbing pains like I have run a marathon in my sleep. My GP on the 29th October told he he had no time to examine me and could I see someone else.
Well I made a GP appointment for 25th November (as flu season cant get any appointments) but the pain has increased in a week that is stinging and burning at night.

All day fine usual itching and pins and needles in legs.
Throbbing started at 8pm, by 12:10 burning kicked in. 2 am I was just crying from the pain doped on co-codamol. 4am woke up again and no sleep genuinely felt my legs had been cut to ribbons and then set on fire. Throat so constricted there was no way of taking more than half a co-doamol - total agony ;_;

Called 111 and after interview they arranged for me to be picked up by Ambulance and be seen in A&E by 8 am.

Some how from being fine yesterday I had flu that I was treated by doctors and nurses at a distance or with them in masks/gloves etc
How many drugs to thrown at a girl who couldnt even swallow water, electric pads over body and limbs, draw blood and forced strip down to robe with no covers >_<

Burning torture of legs was a mass build up of Lactic Acid lactic acidosis? no real reason how I gained something that is more associated with vigorous exercise other than the Fibromyalgia label again.
With all my joint problems in both legs could be anything. The ambulance paramedics where just like 'wow you are far to young for all of this' same with a nurse I have been termed 'unlucky' but highly praise me because I continue to work - trooper status.

Well I was given lots of medicines and told I can go home. I have no money for taxis, only in my Pjs slipper socks and dressing gown. As I live a few minutes up the road I walked home.
Oh I looked like I was crazy and escaping! Not that anyone tried to stop me just alot of looks and side stepping lol

So Bananas, salty crackers and water as carbohydrates and sugars are going to make it worse, lots of rest as exercise will make it worse plus get over Flu that I got outta no where! :S
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15 November 2015 @ 22:41
I could write a lot on the shitstorm that came up on Friday in France, Lebanon, Japan etc
But there is only so many things that can be said without repeating others.
So not being insensitive by not saying anything ort even doing the whole changing my profile picture with a tri-color on FB as just gotta have the blitz spirit. Keep calm and carry on or they know they have succeeded in creating fear (aside the earthquake victims that was nature)

So nice news...

We have now provisionally booked the Saxon Mill as our Ceremony venue as they have a license for wedding and will save the distance from the Registry Office as it is literally just down the road from our provisionally booked reception venue ^_^
As we are working to years in advance most people can only do provisional books so fingers crossed this wont go tits up :S
Saxon Mill is also the back up reception venue which looks like will be approx £3,000 if used. Have no figures for Guy's Cliffe yet.
Eeek money D:

Saxon Mill just down the road from my current house :)
It is a pub and restaurant over looking a river/pond to Guys Cliffe's Ruins. The Mill was the Guy's Cliffe mill in 12th Century though what you see if a 1822 rebuilt with multi-conversions to be a restaurant.

Guy's Cliffe is a ruin! :D
You can see the front of the house over the pond from Saxon mill's outside terrace, always been curious of Guy's Cliffe as it is invite only to go on the grounds and so seeing a ruin from a distance and ghost stories of course a curio.

The name comes from a folklore hero of my town Guy of Warwick where he retired to the hermitage on this site with the monks. Lots of history there but the current/ruin house burnt down in the 90's when they where filming a vampire episode of Sherlock Holmes.
Behind the ruins is a massive courtyard and Hall where the reception will take place connected to that is a Chapel to Mary Magdelene with an impressive extremely old stone relief of Guy inside. All undamaged with other out buildings which will be locked up - as there is a door leading to a 10ft drop into an ice store!

All fingers crossed these bookings will become definite as think these will suit our theme and also make nice settings for our big day.
I worry a lot that things will be wrong or something is going to find fault and bitch so much to ruin the day as it is 'not their taste' - which I know should not matter but eek

Our music choices may be a bug bear to many as Chris and Me do love our metal from Finland; his favourite bands Sentenced/Poisonblack a small struggle for a 'nice' love song lmao
Eariler this year we saw Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum supporting Ensiferum (though not them as my knee died D:) so yeah he will have to pick which songs from them lol
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11 November 2015 @ 00:35
As I have added new people (welcome!) and deleted all my old enteries and had written a short almost bulletpoint of what has happened maybe I owe to write a real journal entry and catchup.

long life entry love-home-work-healthCollapse )

Well I guess that is a round up of what my life is at currently so with that background in we can move on with the future :)
Run now if you wish lol
I really should go to bed and by bed I mean I am gonna lie there watching family guy on BBC3 lol

I miss my million and one icons ;_;
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10 November 2015 @ 13:08
Very oddly my work rota has given me two days in a row off work.
I aimed to be proactive and start packing a few of my belongings for the expectant move as well as doing some birthday wrapping for my man. Do my physio exercises and try and catch up on sleep - failed as couldnot doze off till 2am and woke up repeatedly.

So far I have gotten up to switch on PC, still in PJs and not even gotten myself a cup of tea...

Whilst deleting old entries I saw some silly memes that i may just do over time just for the silliness.

Colour Me InCollapse )
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If anyone on my flist remembers me then I fully applaud you as my last entry was July 2013!

It has been over two years. Alot has happened.
Good, Bad, Anxiety, Heartbreak, Love, travel, Health, Annoyance, New faces.

Last entry I spoke about a miscarriage, dates and a new job.
I ended up bleeding for 6 weeks before I was fixed, baby would be nearly 2 years old but i do not dwell on it as life rolls on. I did have a relationship with the guy from Wigan but after 11 months I ended it as it was more like a friendship than love, the guy I then dated too soon afterwards dumped me for another girl - a liar and a cunt. The job at the clothing store I am still in just at another branch store so less expensive bus ride.

Sum up of the extra time has missed.
I have had two operations on my left hip within 11 months. Sept 2013 and August 2014. I now have 1/4 cartilage left so yeah will still bitch it hurts. Right hip looks like going the same way. Left Knee is out of alignment but doctors wont do anything as needs on more 1mm to be serious. Right knee and ankles like to protest.
My acute anxiety has recently been getting worse.
I have met new friends and think matured a little more to how to deal with bad people who have been polluting my life.

I started chatting to a new guy off a dating website in November 2014, we met and started dating in January. Then whilst on holiday in Finland last July we got engaged
He makes me very happy to expect many posts soon about us, our new house and wedding plans.

I am planning to be more proactive here even though it will just be writing for my own venting rights and hope to meet new people if out there to be friend.
I will be moving over 100 miles away soon to start a new life so its a scary fresh start in all things.

I have overhauled all of this journal looked through and deleted 300 journal entries back to July 2005! So many good and bad memories.

So hello again all.
expect crap soon ;P
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05 August 2006 @ 17:12


All my icons are now based here : free to use but credit is very nice
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