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10 March 2016 @ 14:09
Crashing and Burning  
Sorry I have not written an entry or made any comments to peoples journals as basically some part of my mind has broken down, I am sad and no motivation for much.
Its a struggle to be happy or even smile so i thing it's safe to say the anxieties have all cashed in that i have a depression cloud over me. Mood swings have gone out of control and feel so bad Chris is struggling to cope with me which is scary as I dont want to loose him but i am unable to control myself right now ;_;

Finally local doctors here have registered me so able to keep my trail raised dose of medication and have an apportionment for the end of this month. I should be going home to work at the sweet shop next week so having work to do and hopefully meet some of my friends will put me in better spirits.
Also be in my mums house where its not a building site or have neighbours who constantly watch my every move if I dare go into my garden and try and do any gardening. Or neighbours who tip over pots and recycling bins or throw food or have screaming matches at night.

Job hunting still continues.
Had a trial shift as housekeeping staff for a inn - not for me I think. Its a lot of work but having to scrub tiled bathroom floors on my hands and knees - my knees misalignment did not appreciate that! Also the other two woman constantly talked abother another girl on trail they liked so yeah i get it I am not wanted that was 3 hours of hard work wasted.

I did got on a historical Viking Tour last week (well been on it twice then with drinks at pub)

I even got in a few photos. "Can you guys look interested in the window" was what the photographer wanted.
This is me (wearing a ton of layers!) with Halfdan and Igamund.

This is the local Viking group I am looking at joining (to give me something to do and make friends) Igamund and his mother are the leaders so have to see if they allow me to join but I have the vote of at least two others (am sure 4 from future brother in law and one of the women wanting me as her apprentice/helper)

I have not picked a Viking name yet until I am accepted but need to make my clothes which luckily is just the basics as I have to start as a Thrall (Slave) but another guy is joining so he will be a Thrall as well.
Hopefully I can be accepted as will give me something to do as well as doing my own research into natural dying so dont get my colours wrong (No black for my status!)

So far now it's curl up on Sofa watch Game of Thrones Season 5 (as I am so behind) with Satu who had been poorly.
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backyard_birderbackyard_birder on 10th March 2016 21:59 (UTC)
Wow a Viking group! I have never heard of that before, seems fun though. Kinda like a Civil War reenactment troup, but for Vikings?
Rautainen nainen: vikeshipkaote on 11th March 2016 16:17 (UTC)
It's been about 300 thousand years since I posted here regularly, but I saw your post and wanted to mention that I have been doing Viking reenactment as a hobby for about 10 years in both the US and in Finland, so if you need any tips or advice, let me know :) I am familiar with Vikings UK a little bit as our US group was based on them. In Finland we have a lot of nice resources like this: http://www.rosala-viking-centre.com/gallery.htm

Hang in there, hope things will get better for you soon!
Sasha Borsack: pic#125989989Sasha Borsack on 18th March 2016 12:04 (UTC)
Stupid kindle wont let me login away from my PC >< (also kindke cant cope with my typing)

Just thought wow that is not a name i have seen in a while!
How is Finland finished your studies?

Any information would be fantastic :D
I have been accepted now I am Sassaný but need to build a character profile had been said to use my Slavic roots ( Rus) and one said they thought a Finnish Viking could be fun but its information the group are sketchy on. As found beautiful Samí beads and a pendent i may be allowed afterall a buddha was found in a grave in sweden ;P
If you could send any information be great :D

My job in the group will be dying once pasted my Thrall stage (which been offered an early pass on). We are 902 AD
Finished my "homework" on Vikings of the Wirral who are mostly Norse and Norse-Irish.

Am back in Warwick doing holiday cover for a shop so much better atm working being useful :)

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Alexanderashmedai on 11th March 2016 22:09 (UTC)
The Viking group sounds so cool - fingers crossed that you'll be accepted! :)
yammyqueenyammyqueen on 3rd April 2016 17:00 (UTC)
Thank you I am now yes first outing yesterday with group ^^