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19 February 2016 @ 16:36
Job Hunt  
Okay trying to keep calm and not think about the TV Licence people now we have a year's one.

I was hoping for a transfer as there seem to be two/three positions at white stuff going to be open. Sadly this is a no ;_; Maternity Leave woman came back and other guy has changed mind leaving. Only position open I am not qualified for no do I want which is Assistant Store Manager.
They have me on file still but damm I wanna go back D: Been there nearly 3 years!

So been job hunting well trying to everywhere seems to mostly be offering 4 hours or Weekend positions and I already have got 3 weekend commitments lined up. I am trying to avoid going back to catering and stick with retail.
I applied at
Lush for part time sale assistant - rejected as i was not available enough (Monday 9-5 i oput done what they should of advertised was weekend staff) said i can apply again at Xmas.
Joules 4 Hour Sales Assistant - Left CV but they are looking more for weekends.
Jack Willis 4 Hour Weekday Sales Assistant - heard nothing back
Hotel Chocolat - Supervisor for Maternity Cover - despite running my own confectionry business and helping 2 others the fact I have not been "supervisor" before seems to hint a no.
New Look Supervisor/Part Time Sales - I applied for both and had interview on Tuesday. She was super impressed I worked at White Stuff. I just hope i did not seem to arrogant about my past work experiences or my health put against me (though she said she could never guess I have that many joint problems - bonus)

I missed application for a Alternative shop called Sohos. East although I know they are good company I donot think I will be suitable for their customers (lip piercings). Another clothing shop looks too poser-trendy for me and their techno music at front door is off putting but may as well try. Wilkos are looking fro staff but I donot drive ><
I am going to ask in Waterstones although they are not recruiting worth a try. Seasonal workers will soon be needed for Chester Zoo.

So being trapped in the new house I am loosing the will to clean everyday as it only just gets messy after Chris' walks in (my pc is covered in another layer of sawdust again though his next to mine is clean!!). I dont know what he wants to do with front bedroom as its half papered with lining paper which we ran out of and if i seem to try anything get told off. (he wants to do everything himself then moans he is doing it all himself)
I cannot wash the Sofa blankets that are covered in sawdust as have no washing machine ><

So frustation was taken out in the garden, some plants have been uprooted and trimmed. Others have had weed (brambles!) and tree stump killer on (loads of mini trees are growing some i need help cutting down) Ivy torn down.
Then front garden needs do slight trim to one plant i may just did up. And the bushes. Well one only half has had 3 foot taken off as i ran out of space in my green recycling bin :S But the front bushes are from a plant that really does grow quickly so a brutal cut will not hurt it plus allows us to actually have sun in the front garden.

Not that our neighbour seemed happy, noticed she seems to be hanging in her "garden" when I did the back then stand in the front door as I did the front.
She is annoyed I keep removing her food for the birds off the roof of OUR property. i tried asking her not to but she said she had been doing it for years so will carry on as the previous owners didnot mind.
Maybe previous owners did but didnot want to say anything as all you hear from that house is swearing banging and screaming -_-
I really doubt that birds eat egg shells, rib bones, lamb bones or ciggeratte butts. Plus sure bread, pastas, sugar cereal (with milk), nan bread and pieces of left over lasagne are not good for them.

Yes happy for birds in the garden and they can feed them but not by littering our property.
esp when their throwing has resulted on me slipping twice on whole slices of toast.
Wet Bread + Concrete + Girl with two problem hips and dodgy knee = not good