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17 February 2016 @ 15:40
Caution and Prosecution  
Yesterday after writing my post there was a knock on the front door, now only visitors we have had that knock have been Chris' father dropping off more wood and the postman.
Opened the door and a guy on the doorstep asked for the previous owner. I said that she didnt live here anymore assuming by the way he was dressed was a misinformed acquaintance.

At that point he pulled out his card saying he was from TV licensing and that by his records our house has just fallen off the radar of having a license and asked for my name and did I have one. I explained Chris' had a license for his last house and may be pending transfer, though he asked for the address I said I genuinely didnot know it but could give him rough directions as I have only just arrived in this area.
At this point the man started reading me my rights and showed me a piece of paper informing me that I have violated Communications Act 2003 (not which section) and asked to inspect the TV and do a channel test to show what we where receiving. What do I watch, how long have I been watching (the living room was only finished 2 weeks ago) how long have I been at the property (just over 3 weeks) did I rent my television (never knew you could rent a tv!)
He then asked for personal details, occupation (currently non ;-;) and National Insurance Number I said that I did not have it in this house (true forgot and left in mums safe) had to sign to say I have received a caution and the evidence I have provided can be used against me then a copy of the paperwork informing strongly that based from the 'interview' I may be prosecuted even if I did have a mislaid licence. He then congratulated me on my recent new home and good luck as he left.

Of course me having Acute Anxiety and having NEVER been in trouble that could lead to court action - I burst into tears after he left and phoned Chris and my mother.

Chris still had two months left on his TV Licence just he has not moved the address yet as obviously having just moved in we have ALOT of other things on our minds. As soon as he got home he brought a new licence for this house and will try phoning the number on the letter again.
Mum trying to comfort me says that it should be clear we have moved in from inspection and I should not get a punishment if he was looking originally for the previous owner and that we live near a really rough area that must have to do spot inspections and be heavy handed from those evading paying. She has never heard of a spot inspection as open letters get sent to the home as a reminder several times until you phone (I got them at my retail business address as well).
Chris can only recall ONE letter but it was addressed to the previous owner so did not open it.

But gawd I was dressed really scruffy as I had just put layers of warm clothes on after dressing for an interview and the heating is dire in the house, saying I didnt have a job no NI card to hand, not knowing partners previous address or saying he was able to be contacted and a 'foreign name' .... I am so going to be targeted D:

I am really really panicking over this my anxiety is making me sick to my stomach, cold chills palpitations unable to breathe.
I donot want a criminal record or I won't be able to travel to some countries and have to declare at jobs which means less likely getting one :( I dont have any money to pay for court either other than my savings for the wedding :(
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backyard_birderbackyard_birder on 17th February 2016 23:05 (UTC)
I can't comment on the specifics as I'm in the US and we have a different system, but I can certainly sympathize with being anxiety ridden over the encounter. I would be too! Being along in the house, getting yelled at by a stranger and threatened with legal action and not knowing what to do, yeah, I would be in a state. I'm sorry you have to deal with that, hopefully Chris is able to explain the situation and sort it out. *Hugs*
yammyqueen: TLK_Rahyammyqueen on 19th February 2016 14:56 (UTC)
Yeah even more annoying yesterday a letter arrived saying an enforcement officer was coming ¬_¬ too late.
I have phoned three times Chris once. to try and sort this out that we have licences take us off the list and complaint that this caused unnecessary angst and we have no warning letters addressed to us or 'present occupier' as it states in their own cause of action rule book letter have to be sent and only an officer will come if they had not been replied too.
basically if the previous owner let these letters pile up she left us no notification and they where looking for her not us at the door so the officer is being totally unfair.

TV licences mostly pay for BBC television and radio along with government.
Our other channels are funded by government grants and advertising. Adverts can get annoying when watching a film or into a really good show :P

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