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22 January 2016 @ 22:07
I'll be back  

Tomorrow is moving day!
Everything is boxed and bagged up all that is left is me and Satu (as long as she does not do a vanishing act), Logan is staying with Nana
So be a pause in activity until internet is running at my new home :D

Exciting and scary!
Last day of clothes shop work my work mates gave me a big send off with cards and 3 GIANT cushions omg I can build a fort :O Gonna miss all the ladies I have been there two years.

Right on to new adventures!
Current Location: Middle of England
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Current Music: Windbringer - The Cruxshadows
so now you better stop and rebuild all your ruins: bambistark/king lokiwicked_jester on 22nd January 2016 23:12 (UTC)
Good luck with the move! Love the gif.
escapist, paradise seeker: supernatural - going placeshalla on 23rd January 2016 22:34 (UTC)
Good luck with everything! I hope it'll all go smoothly.

(That picture of Snape almost made me cry, though... :_:)