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17 January 2016 @ 22:10
First Weekend  
Friday Chris got the keys to OUR HOUSE :D
I have just gotten home after spending the weekend in our new home, all his stuff is now moved in so I am next (and his brother who is still dunno what he is doing)
We started cooking a meal before we realised we had not yet found the knifes and forks doh We found the kettle but not my tea bags so first thing i did getting home was making a tea!

The house needs quite a bit of work and decorating.
We knew the woman was a hippie and wanted the house to go to a 'family' so that is why she offered a discount on the price. Will need more money and elbow work to get things sorted to our tastes; already I am pointing out what I want altering/fixing/adding on or getting rid of.

+ The loft hatch is oddly in the tiny bathroom not in the hallway. Chris Snr has brought boards over to get laid down and make a need hatch.
+ Under the stairs is a sudden drop and where the gas meter is hidden and it hoots like a barn owl! Seriously I was alone for over an hour convinced there was a owl trapped somewhere as I can hear it in the kitchen and downstairs hall. We don't know if it is a good thing so will have to wait for a visit from the boiler man when he does the readings.
+ The toilet actually is smaller than I remembered from my visit, may have to get eco-sink and toilet combo than a mini sink. Hand sanitiser is in there for now and a run across the hallway to the sink.
+ The house is freezing! Maybe as not that much furniture in yet plus some of the doors are hung oddly so need draft excluders
+ there are 4 blocked up fireplaces, I want a stove, found one on saturday with Chris and Chris Snr going around reclamation yards. heat and fire!! <3
+ Kitchen tiny omg not used to kitchen this small and no cupboard space. I have already planned and drawn up my extension plans and units with 3 hours of being in the house LMAO!
+ I am on paid leave from work after this week so a lot of my time is going to be cleaning, mould in the bedroom corners and windows, dirty walls and two rooms smell very very strongly of cat piss (she had two indoor cats and kept litter-trays on carpeted areas which may mean new carpets). Chris is going to try and clean what he can this week so Satu does not freak out this weekend from other cat smells.
+ The front and back garden are really big and it's too cold but soon at the weather warms up I am going at it with an axe. Jungle areas with random crap she has left (her archery practise stuff, tacky garden ornaments and butterflies) Butterflies we are finding everywhere omg too girlie for me D:

WE BROKE THE BED!! She left two bed frames in the two main rooms so we set up camp put on the nice wooden one; Chris jumped into bed and bang the bed broke. (we have already broken a hotel bed in another way :X) We are going to build a bed frame but do not have the funds yet to get the oak needed so mattress on the floor for a bit :(

Final week in this house and at both my jobs.
Not heard about my transfer but i did enquire about two job posters we saw (out of the six) just incase. Gotta find out where the adult goths and metalheads we see hang out and got to contact John about joining the Viking group. Also ask Alan and Vicky I met at reenacment group day to meet up for that drink; they like Finnish Metal music and they reenact WW2 Finland and have a very friendly Rottie Reggie :D

busy busy!!!

will writer more with the new life start!
Tomorrow it's my middle nieces birthday and future youngest nephew :D (19 years difference). A friend and Ex boyfriend birthdays plus 1 year of me and Chris officially getting together :O
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escapist, paradise seeker: supernatural - going placeshalla on 23rd January 2016 22:43 (UTC)
Oooo, exciting times! I like the sound of your plans, I hope you'll get everything fixed and sorted. Are you going to be doing some painting as well?

Why would you want to reenact WW2 Finland?? O__o
yammyqueen: Tuo_Reflectionyammyqueen on 16th February 2016 15:16 (UTC)
oh yes lots of painting is needed lol

I am not 100% sure why WW2 Finland but as part of the reenactment groups is education to the public I guess they are pointing out that the WW2 involved and affected more countries than what schools teach. The story of Simo Häyhä running around in -40C snipering off people during the winter war sounds quite exciting and easier to explain some of what Sisu is ;P