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04 January 2016 @ 19:59
Happy Belated New year

Reasons for delay is early appearance from twin Brother and his Wife on New years Eve then being picked up from work was another surprise visit from Chris :D

New Years Eve was just family affair of Roast dinner, Retro Sherry trifle (by me - gah ate too much D:), opening belated Christmas presents and a game of Exploding Kittens with Jool's Holland Hootenanny waiting for the countdown.

Prezzies from Nick and Mel
A Japanese Paper Balloon Fish
Exploding Kittens Card Game
Moomin Silk Scarf
Two TOLSBY Ikea Photo Frames for new House though may be useful for wedding (will repaint)
An Edward Scissorhands Comic Book
Icon and The Black Roses second Album

Paper FISH! I am more amused by this than I should be

Me and Chris

Holly and me :D friends for 19 years and we have a terrible photo

It's been a year since Chris and me met face to face after speaking to one another on-line for a few months - we celebrated by going to the Japanese Bento Cafe we went to on our first meeting ;D
Then quick run home to my friend Holly's 30th Birthday party :3
And on the same evening my friend Beth got engaged yay!! finally! :D

New Year's Resolutions seems to be the main thing of to name and do right now - I think some of mine are the same as last years and the year before that lol
☆ Do not get any fatter at least if I cannot loose enough weight
☆ Save money or make money
☆ Stress less and no panic attacks or ticks
☆ be brave with the new home/world/life in Chester
☆ Finish chest tattoo
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Current Music: Dragula - Rob Zombie
backyard_birder: escherbackyard_birder on 6th January 2016 02:52 (UTC)
you have a chest tattoo? awesome! i'm hoping to get one or two new tattoos this year, although nothing quite that bold :)
yammyqueen: Tuo_Reflectionyammyqueen on 6th January 2016 17:17 (UTC)
Hahah yes it is kinda a chest tattoo or more 'side boob' tattoo :P

Only photo I have which is the beginning of it. There are more bats around to front with some coloured in, need them all coloured in and two more to make it to collar bone.
Diaphragm hurts lol

There is a tattooist called Golilox who does handpoked stuff and would love her to do a full moon for 'under boob' with my bats. She said she could work my bats in lol
My friend had a handpoked tattoo from her and said it was more relaxing than a machine.

What tattoo ideas are you thinking of?
backyard_birder: Moonbackyard_birder on 7th January 2016 02:09 (UTC)
Wow hand poked? The only time I've heard of that is like traditional tribal or Tibetan tattoos I didn't know people were doing it around here. That's pretty cool, she certainly looks good at it the detail in that photo is pretty impressive.

One idea I'd like to do is a constellation, just simple dots for the stars and dashes to outline the figure. Not quite sure which constellation yet, probably Orion or the dippers.

I also would love to get something designed by http://www.puncturedartefact.com. I love their style, although probably not as large and complicated as most of their work. Something involving nature and science, like a bird with geometric shapes or something.
yammyqueen: TakeASmileyammyqueen on 9th January 2016 23:10 (UTC)
Yeah I didnot know it was a think until i chanced upon her at an all female tattoo convention. Her bugs; butterflies and bees, look so real from a distance. It really does give a distinctive style and look I am sure there maybe others out there who are taking up the craft.

I quite like looking at the tribal stuff. Chris has a hand done tattoo and is very proud of it. Traditional Japanese Half Sleeve; he lived with the artist for 3 weeks to get it done.
Our honeymoon plans sounds like we may have to make a trip to the artist again; as chris' other arm got ruined by an artist for doing a dumbass peacock

Ahh cool I do like that idea :D
Hmm I would say give it some thoughts in case there are any with myth meanings or what was in the sky at your birth if you want some significance?

ooo wow very nice work they have! Geometric seems to be quite in fashion at the moment my twin wants a geometric style tattoo but saving up for a certain artist when I showed his wife cheaper tattoo artists could do the same quality ;P

Bird with geometric shoes could be very interesting I like how you put that nature and science :D